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Windsor Park ‘Rink Off Leash Area’ Program 2024

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

Windsor Park ‘Rink Off Leash Area’ Program 2024

After the success of Windsor Parks off leash rink program, we plan to run it again this year from May 1 – Nov 1, 2024 with off leash use Monday to Sundays between the hours of 7:00AM – 10:00PMEXCLUDING SCHOOL HOURS.

Did you know?  Approximately one out of every 3 households in Edmonton have a dog. In fact, there are now more dogs than children in Edmonton! Many dog owners consider their dogs to be a part of the family and want to provide safe and fun opportunities for both their dogs and themselves to exercise and interact with other members of their community. According to City of Edmonton, there are many benefits of having a community off-leash area:

Within the of-leash area:

  • Provide a place for both dogs and their owners to interact and connect with other members of their community. Themed parties, social media pages and dog playdate groups have been formed by many off-leash area visitors to increase the sense of community within the space.
  • The presence of off-leash areas can help to deter crime and other undesirable activities. Dogs need to be exercised every day, regardless of the weather and even on the coldest days dogs and their owners will visit off-leash areas.

In the Community:

  • Most responsible dog owners would prefer to exercise their dogs in a safe place. Off-leash areas help to reduce instances of dogs being off-leash in parks, playgrounds, school yards, sports fields and sidewalks.
  • Dogs that are exercised appropriately usually show fewer undesirable behaviours while out on walks and at home. Off-leash areas can help to reduce unwanted behaviours such as barking and aggression towards other dogs or people.
  • The presence of dog owners within the off-leash area can be a deterrent for vandalism and other crime in the area.
  • Provide a place for dog owners in the community to form friendships. In many cases, these friendships extend beyond the off-leash area and help to build a sense of belonging and connectedness in the larger community.

We ask all off-leash area uses to abide by the bylaws and respect other users of community league and school facilities. Check out these tips for proper etiquette at the off leash area.

Our Facilities Manager is the on-site contact person and will be monitoring the temporary off-leash area, ensuring that dog waste and garbage does not accumulate. If you have any concerns or questions about garbage or waste please contact: marsenault@windsor-park.ca. For concerns or questions regarding the off-program itself, please contact: facilties@windsor-park.ca.

Have a great summer!