Abundant Community Windsor Park

A grassroots initiative fostering neighbour-to-neighbour relationships

ACE Block Map

ACE Block Connector Zones, Windsor Park, 2020-05

Penny Tucker – Ace Coordinator

Margie Ritchie                                                                   A

Marilyn Gaa                                                                       B

Linda Banister                                                                   C

Marilyn Steier/Jean Frost                                                 D

Lisa Alton                                                                            E

Kim Lakeman                                                                     F

Elaine Morrison                                                                G

TBA                                                                                    H

Janet Sperling                                                                    I

TBA                                                                                     J

Merrilyn Greig                                                                   K

Marie Wilson                                                                     L

Mike Cheung                                                                   M

Patricia Dolez / Mark Peppler                                       N

Bentley Condo – No Connector                                   O

Chuck Lee                                                                        P

Scott Meadows                                                                 Q

Marion Lamb                                                                     R

Irene Hendersen /

Brenden & Danika Kunimoto                                       S                                                             

Sara Kalke                                                                        T

Ted / Louise Bentley                                                       U

Sheryll Ford                                                                      V

 Janine Otto/ Kyrstie Green/Penny Tucker                 W

Michael Jacka/Kristi Williams /Allison Russell             X

No Connector                                                                    Y

No Connector                                                                    Z





The goal – to cultivate a culture of care and connection, increased sense of belonging and inclusion, and ultimately create a more healthy and livable neighbourhood – one block at a time.

What is Abundant Community?

“Abundant Community is based on the belief that every individual in a neighbourhood has a contribution

to make, and uncovering, sharing and the harnessing those contributions creates neighbourliness, and

also addresses issues as diverse as social isolation, crime, and physical and mental health…” ~Mary Sturgeon, Make Something Edmonton


Abundant Community Edmonton (https://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/for_communities/abundant-community-edmonton.aspx)



At the heart of the Initiative… is a neighbour or two on each block, a Block Connector who creates a connection and casual conversations with each household about:


  • Life on the block and in the neighbourhood.
  • Having a block social periodically.
  • Creating a confidential contact list for the block.


Meet some of our Block Connectors:

View Page 22 of the following PDF to view our block connectors. 



Our process …


  • Neighbourhood Connector Penny Tucker:
    • Finds and supports Block Connectors.
    • Facilitates and encourages the block connecting conversations
    • Feeds back to the neighbourhood what we hear from our blocks


Edmonton Journal letter to editor: https://edmontonjournal.com/opinion/letters/fridays-letters-city-program-brings-neighbours-together

CG Answers

Test Page
Here are the answers for the question: What is your vision for our neighborhood?
Test Page2
Here are the answers for the question: What activities would you like to do with your neighbours?
Test Page3
Here are the answers for the question: What skills, abilities or experiences would you be willing to share with neighbors?

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