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Windsor Park Community Buzzes with Green Thumbs and Sustainable Spirit!

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.” – Jean Vanier

Windsor Park Community Buzzes with Green Thumbs and Sustainable Spirit!

On May 25th, Windsor Park blossomed with activity as green enthusiasts gathered for our annual gardeners meet-up and plant exchange

The event, blooming with excitement, offered a bouquet of engaging activities for all ages. Children got stuck in with hands-on experiences, from paint pot painting to marigold planting.  Meanwhile, the art of topiary captured the imagination of attendees, with a live demonstration that had the crowd ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

But the event wasn’t just about gardening—it was a celebration of sustainability. The Edmonton Confederation of Community Leagues (EFCL) attended and shared info about their initiatives for building eco-friendly communities. From sustainable living practices to actionable initiatives, the fair sparked conversations about creating a greener tomorrow.  The City of Edmonton (CoE) also joined the green movement, presenting their Neighbouring for Climate program, empowering residents to combat climate change at the local level. Volunteers from the Master Gardeners Association of Alberta (MGAAB) attended and shared their knowledge and resources of all things green and growing.  

Of course, no community gathering is complete without treats! Donuts, cookies, coffee, and juice fueled participants, while a fun prize draw added an extra sprinkle of excitement, especially for the little ones. 

Reflecting on the event, organizers expressed enthusiasm for future endeavors. “It’s exciting to see neighbors come together to champion sustainability,” remarked one organizer. “We’re already looking forward to next year’s plant exchange and gardeners meet-up!” 

For those eager to join the green revolution, opportunities abound. Simply visit the community league’s programs and events page for upcoming activities.  Here’s to many more gatherings that unite neighbours and cultivate a greener, brighter future.

If you are interested in sustainability issues and would like to be part of a community group working to create some goals and actions for the neighborhood, please get in touch.   Whether it’s enhancing green spaces, promoting environmental stewardship within the community, there’s a place for you on the team.  

What’s Up Next??

Next on the WP events calendar is the soccer season wind-up on Sat, June 22nd. As a community, we are so glad to have opportunities for our youth to participate in organised grassroots sports for health, teamwork, leadership and skills development. 

Check out our community Events and Programs calendar HERE.  

Not yet a Windsor Park Community League member? Join HERE and support the work of the community league in making Windsor Park a better place to live and be. 

Go Windsor Park Go!