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EDO Talk Program: Artificial Intelligence for Precision Health

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EDO Talk Program: Artificial Intelligence for Precision Health

On 13th February, the hall was buzzing with curious minds,eager to learn about tonights EDO topic: AI for Precision Health by Ross Mitchell.

AHS is the largest health system in Canada with an extensive data warehouse. However, most digital health data is hidden in unstructured medical text and images. The data needs to be extracted to improve research and care delivery. This extraction process has traditionally been a manual and laborious task. But, thanks to recent breakthroughs in natural language processing, we now have large language nodes (LLMs) like ChatGPT that can delve into this unstructured data and reveal valuable health information quickly and automatically.

Ross Mitchell is a Canada CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) AI Chair and the inaugural Alberta Health Services Chair in AI Health. He is a Professor in the Dept of Medicine and an adjunct professor in the Dept of Computer Science at the University of Alberta.

EDO Talks are named in honour of the late Edo Nyland, physicist, humanitarian and past president of WIndsor Park Community League.