WPCL Executive

20 June 2017

Title/Role Name Phone (780) email
President Gail Powley  
Vice-President Scott Meadows  
Secretary Ronnene Anderson 433-8632
Treasurer Candice Wong  
Grants Susanna Biro    
Civics/Planning Elaine Solez 431-0292  
Directors-at-Large Robert Gariepy
Mary Griffiths
Building Manager John Collier 433-1270
Hall Rental Ed Holmes and Lynn Wolff
Casino Bonnie Austen  
Central Area Council Elaine Solez 431-0292  
Eye on Future/Planning Elaine Solez 431-0292  
Facebook Stephanie Powley Unrau and Gabriella Maier-Hicks    
Membership and Landscaping Marilyn Gaa 432-7660
Neighbourhood Safety Co-Coordinator 1 Dominic Thompson   &npsb;
Neighbourhood Safety Co-Coordinator 2 Vacant   &npsb;
Newsletter Editor Alexia Ferrari (587)990-5556
Nursery School   439-0919  
Parking Lead Vacant  
Preschool Katie Joosse 289-4374
Rink Maintenance Ivan Fair  
Soccer Allison Baker & Shona Nichols  
Social Co-Coordinator 1 Gabriella Makar  
Social Co-Coordinator 2 Vacant  
Sustainability Nicole Unrau and Kyle Taylor  
University Liaison Kyle and Kjeryn Willes    
Webmaster Tracy Stanicky  

New Volunteers Always Needed! Please contact Gail Powley at