We have an exciting year of projects and events happening in your community—developments in the North Park, educational Edo talks by residents, evenings of music, family-friendly socials— your League executive and directors are hard at work to keep our neighbourhood the inclusive and beautiful place you love to call home.

 Want to be in the centre of it all?? Join the executive!


 This volunteer role is simple, but extremely important.   You will chair and provide your report to the monthly (excluding summer months) League meetings, including the Annual General Meeting (held every October), and ensure the League’s mission and activities are carried out responsibly. Rest assured:  you will have the assistance of our League’s experienced past president and current executive.  


 This volunteer position requires as little as 2-3 hours a month (or more, if you choose to really jump in and take part in the growth and future of our community).  Best of all, you don’t have to be a chartered accountant or a professional bookkeeper, as this role is similar to managing your home finances, but far more interesting. The current treasurer will show you the ropes for as long as it takes. 

Let us know if you or another resident of Windsor Park will help us complete our leadership roster: WPCLPresident@gmail.com.   

Note that you must be a member in good standing of WPCL to hold either position; to update your membership, contact our membership director  or visit  www.efcl.org.