Join your friends and neighbours for summer fun and camaraderie in the ‘hood! 


Aug. 8 at 7 pm (WPCL Hall): Edo talk on the AlbertaSat Northern Spirit Satellites presented by Ron Unrau, Computer Eng (retired) and AlbertaSat software advisor & UAlberta lecturer in Computing Sciences.

  AlbertaSat is a student club at the UAlberta. On March 14 2023, after 4 years of work,  they sent three cube satellites into space aboard a SpaceX rocket.  In this talk I will review the satellites and payloads that comprise the Northern Spirit mission, and  discuss the launch process and communications planning with orbiting satellites.”

 Aug 1-24: The Green Shack free drop-in program is still going strong.  Children (under aged 6 must have a guardian with them ) aged to 12 are welcome to join the fun activities and crafts run by the Shack program workers.  Weekdays, 10:30am to 1:30pm, until August 24 at the green shed near the front doors of the WPCL hall.

 All Month: Walk by the Pop-up Gardens while you wave to the pups and their owners in the off-leash dog park within the ice rink.