Position Title: Soccer Coordinator/ Director


  • The board of directors is the legal authority for the community league and authorizes coordinator/directors.

Term of Office

  • Term of office is 1 year.

General Duties/Requirements

  • Commit to the work of the organization.
  • Prepare for and arrive on time for all required meetings.
  • Report to the Executive on a regular basis, as directed by the Executive.


The Soccer Coordinator/Director:

  • Reviews and prepares policy and procedures related to the soccer program.
  • Establishes the soccer programming.
  • Applies for related soccer programming grants where applicable with the approval of the Executive.
  • Acts as liaison with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association.
  • Facilitates registration times.
  • Works with Membership Director to ensure membership sales are available at registration.
  • Sets and collects soccer program fees with approval of the Executive.
  • Arranges access to hall facilities based on calendar schedule and in cooperation with building and hall rental coordinator/directors.
  • Attends zone and other city-wide related meetings.